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Locked Thread "NTDLR" is missing
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Newbie (1 Posts)

1/2/2007 12:43:39 PM

Hi there!!!

i do have the same prob with my computer (NTDLR is missing)!!!

but beside that i did format my computer with win xp pro (original cd) and the setup didn't finish(don't know why) when it restarted it bring's out msg NTDLR and i can't enter the win setup!!! my cd is brand new!!!

any sugestions???

and sorry for my english.
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2/28/2007 6:57:05 AM


    Originally Posted by ryandlich:
    ok everyone with this the problem I found an even easier fix for XP....boot up with you install CD and go to the recovery console....get to the command prompt....get to d:\.....type FIXBOOT. then it is all finished.

Hey, fixboot worked for me.

Many thanx
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3/1/2007 12:24:25 AM

When I put in my xp pro cd, all I get is start in safe mode, restart normally etc... I do not see an option to hit "r" for repair. I am not getting the ntdlr message any more. I am just in a vicious cycle of start in safe mode... restart normally etc...

Please help. I don't want to ruin the whole computer.
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4/3/2007 10:33:47 AM

got a bootable windows xP? try to select automated recovery console or repair options. iot might help you! i tried it myself though before answering this!!!
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10/11/2010 6:01:57 AM

This document applies to HP and Compaq Desktop computers with Windows XP.
If you have compressed the hard disk drive using the Compress drive to save disk space option under the Properties menu for your hard disk drive and have performed a non-destructive recovery or a system recovery, the following error message may appear:
NTLDR is compressed. Press CRTL-ALT-DEL to restart.
This error message is resolved by following these steps:
1.Insert the HP Recovery Tools CD or Compaq Recovery Tools CD into the CD drive on the computer and restart the computer.
Wait for the HP Recovery Tools CD or Compaq Recovery Tools CD window to open.
1.Select Run Microsoft Recovery Console , click Next , and then follow the onscreen instructions.

1.Press R to repair the Windows XP installation using Recovery Console.
1.Enter the appropriate number for the WINDOWS installation, for example, the WINDOWS installation could be listed as 3: C:\WINDOWS or 3: D:\WINDOWS .
1.If prompted, enter your Administrator password and press Enter . If there is no password, just press Enter .
1.At the prompt, if the WINDOWS installation you selected in Step 4 was C:\WINDOWS, type:
cd c:\
Or, if the WINDOWS installation you selected in Step 4 was D:\WINDOWS, type:
cd d:\
1.At the prompt, type:
attrib -c ntldr
and then press Enter .
1.At the prompt, type: exit
1.Press the Enter key and immediately remove all discs or diskettes from the computer to allow the computer to restart.
The error message should be resolved.

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