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Locked Thread "dumping physical memory"
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Newbie (1 Posts)
Newbie (1 Posts)

11/6/2007 3:04:47 AM


    Originally Posted by RAGUEL3:
    "Dumping physical memory" and then reboot.
    About every two hours at random this occurs and restarts, now several other places have been asked and everyone has a different answer, so im game for any solution..... running win2k advanced server on a home machine / athlon1700/128DDR memory/Soyo k7ada board/invidiaTNT2 series m64 32mb agp video card/60gHD/300w case......Corel9/adobe photoshop7/wordperfect office2000,few other small things installed. Now ive heard everything from re-install to just install service pack 3......HHHEEEELLLLPP!!

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