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Locked Thread Deleting undeletable/weird files
  User Icon RedAvenger

Master Poster (1161 Posts)
Master Poster (1161 Posts)

8/23/2001 10:09:45 AM

This is a good thread way to go Rache!!!
  User Icon KnightHawk

Senior Poster (284 Posts)
Senior Poster (284 Posts)

10/25/2001 4:21:03 AM


I've had this problem for months on one box and tried various method.. even booted unix with an ntfs driver ... anyway your solutions fixed the problem that MS support could not.. where should I send the 249$ check.

Omg I just cant belive I found the anwser I was just trowling around on the boards.. BAM!

lol that how life works sometimes I guess.. You ARE the bomb.
  User Icon astorrs

Frequent Poster (168 Posts)
Frequent Poster (168 Posts)

4/25/2002 1:01:32 PM

roche, if all you need is a hotfix that is not publically available and is for a known bug, yes you have to pay $245, but they credit your card afterwards... so in the end its free...
  User Icon ExistenceGuest

Newbie (1 Posts)
Newbie (1 Posts)

5/1/2008 12:12:31 PM

it really weired
Cause 6: The file name includes an invalid name in the Win32 name space
You may not be able to delete a file if the file name includes an invalid name (for example, the file name has a trailing space or a trailing period or the file name is made up of a space only). To resolve this issue, use a tool that uses the appropriate internal syntax to delete the file. You can use the "\\?\" syntax with some tools to operate on these files, for example:
del "\\?\c:\path_to_file_that contains a trailing space.txt "
The cause of this issue is similar to Cause 4. However, if you use typical Win32 syntax to open a file that has trailing spaces or trailing periods in its name, the trailing spaces or periods are stripped before the actual file is opened. Therefore, if you have two files in the same folder named "AFile.txt" and "AFile.txt " (note the space after the file name), if you try to open the second file by using standard Win32 calls, you open the first file instead. Similarly, if you have a file whose name is just " " (a space character) and you try to open it by using standard Win32 calls, you open the file's parent folder instead. In this situation, if you try to change security settings on these files, you either may not be able to do this or you may unexpectedly change the settings on different files. If this behavior occurs, you may think that you have permission to a file that actually has a restrictive ACL.

  User Icon wangmengyu

Newbie (1 Posts)
Newbie (1 Posts)

12/8/2008 9:35:55 AM

my experience is using chkdsk.

At that time, a directory under root corrupted with weird named files. Label is G:

first, I use unlocker to unlock all the
cd G:
chkdsk /f

then chkdsk turned this weird named files into some .CHK files, then I can delete them.

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