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power supply schematic diagram needed for Xbox   Post Reply
  User Icon Vigilanty

Newbie (1 Posts)
Newbie (1 Posts)

1/23/2007 10:37:23 PM


    Originally Posted by Redragon:
    so would the power supply in an xbox work in a computer?

NO, an xbox power supply would NOT work in a computer, as would a computer power supply wouldn't work in an xbox either.

While yes, they are both ATX power supplies (@ssuming you're using an xbox version higher than 1.1), the power units are NOT interchangable. Reason being... If you compare the pinouts with their respective diagrams, you will see how they are different .

You can get a computer power supplys diagram online at

xbox power diagram can be traced off of the power supply itself, as where the wire comes in contact with the board, there is writing that tells you what the voltage is, or the purpose itself.

Besides all that, yellow is +12 volts, red is +5, black is ground and orange is +3.3

Now, i've personally tried "mcgivering" a patch cable based on this myself, but have had no luck in the unit actually powering up and working.
I was trying to patch a computer's atx power supply to work for my xbox (considering the issues with xbox power supplies), and got the power supply and xbox's fans turning, so i new the power was working.

the only other reaction i got out of the xbox, was when the +3.3v brown wire came undone, and an orange LED around the dvd eject button kept flashing.

I know nothing else about these damned microsoft pieces of sh!t, and don't recommend anyone else try this crap, unless you absolutely f***ing know what you're doing. Yes, it would probably be better (and safer) to use a seperate powersupply, but good luck getting it to work without being as big of a fire hazard as the powersupplies that come with these death boxes, not to mention a shock hazard.

Best bet, purchase a seperate powersupply, or just buy a new f***ing xbox, and put your old hard disk in the new unit, and call the job complete.

-Vincent (Vigilanty)
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  User Icon judenpearl

Newbie (1 Posts)
Newbie (1 Posts)

10/14/2007 7:07:21 AM

im juden nobleza jr/ i always buy my new computer power supply. can you send me a diagram? in order to save money.., thkns and i want also to repair my power supply... i have a litle knowledge about it and i want to spand it more. thknx send me at
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