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Locked Thread Media disconnected
  User Icon lyealain

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Newbie (1 Posts)

6/7/2007 10:54:14 AM


    Originally Posted by ragulrocks_82:
    go to the command prompt do ipconfig /all
    see what is the ip address u get make sure that it is not or 169.....
    if it is any one of them than may be the network cable is not connected properly or the drivers are corrupted make sure that the connections are good shutdown the comp and the modem start the modem and make sure that all the lights are on and than start the comp go to the command prompt and do the same steps
    make sure that u have a valid ip address and if u still dont call the service provider make sure that everything is ok from their side and than do a reinstall for ur n/w drivers before installing make sure that u uninstall it
    and the 1st time u do the ipconfig and u get a valip ip address than follow these steps
    1)in the command prompt window type ipconfig /release
    2)than ipconfig /renew
    3)than ipconfig /flushdns
    after these steps try pinging any of the websites google would be a preffered option it the pinging to the website fails try pinging to the ip address of the website
    after trying these steps tell me the outcome

hi.. i had follow the step.. but it stated no operation can be perform while it has its media disconnected... i had upgrade the window xp... i had reinstalled the driver... but it stil the same... how how how... format again.... God....
  User Icon Crystal621

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Newbie (1 Posts)

6/18/2007 12:52:23 PM

I just wanted to let you know what I did to fix my "media disconnected" problem...I read through the "media disconnected with a wireless card" forum on Lobby, and i tried everything...then I noticed on my lap top that every time i went to the internet it would say "Server not found" I asked my aunt about it, who is a computer teh, an she said something might be wrong with my ip address...the computer is not finding the ip address. I tried repairing by:

control panel
network connections
local area connection/wireless network connection
suport tab

This works for some people, but not for me...while in the local area conection i noticed that under general my activity was being sent, but not recieved. so this is what i did

control panel
network connections
wireless network/local area connection
(mine was in wireles network, but if you are not wireless, do the same thing in local area connection)
under General tab look under the "this connection uses the following items"
Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Click Properties
Click "obtain an IP adress automatically"
also make sure the "obtain a DNS automatically" is checked

This worked right away...i could see under activity on the connection status that the activity was being sent and being recieved. I did this on accident trying to follow the advice on the other forum, so i thought I would share it...i know how frustating it is and i am so excited that this worked...

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