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WTT US Acount to EU WoW   Post Reply
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Newbie (6 Posts)
Newbie (6 Posts)

1/3/2007 10:01:08 PM


    Originally Posted by adyuk:
    im looking to trade a US account for a EU account only thing is the EU account needs a 60 warrior Alliance and be well geared id like to have some altson there to ie a rogue

    my account is amazing but i cant play the US servers no more heres a little info on my account Emoticon

    it has a 60 warrior 7/8 might 8/8 wrath 2/9 dreadnaught thunderfury a ton of gold 60 priest 6/8 prophecy benediction 60 rogue 2/8 nightslayer random epics and blues all charaters have a ton of other gear ie warriror has ful FR set NR set Ice set for naxx weapons random epics inc full Valor lol preist has random zg gear and weapons all have alot of gold theres also a pally lvl 35 but has both lawbringer BoEs ready and a lvl 38 hunter with both Giantstalker BoEs to lol

    all 60s are ready to be attuned to naxx the warrior already is this is an amazing account and if u dont want it u could always sell it for a reat amount of cash al im looking for is a 60 warrior rogue / priest EU account with some good gear if ur interested i do have msn available

ive got a 60 undead rogue EU acount...has alot of msn is email... let me know pls Emoticon
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